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VINCI Software is now ISO 27001:2013 Certified
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What is VINCI

VINCI is Industry leading case management software that can be customised to meet your day to day business requirements. VINCI comprises 4 products.

Management Software

A web based case management system to meet all your operational needs

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An APP that empowers consultants to be on top of their work

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ISO 27001 Certified

VINCI is ISO 27001 Certified

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An APP that provides a platform to accelerate ‘Recovery at Work’

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Document management system for obtaining stakeholder signatures efficiently

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Why use VINCI Case Management Software

Standardised Quality Assessments & Reports

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Customer Centric Workflow Manager

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Superior Data Security
ISO 27001 Certification

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Easy to Deploy & Administer

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Sync Your Work Securely in The Cloud

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How does VINCI Task Analysis APP Work


Step 1

Build a Job Dictionary by completing Job Task Analysis for all roles within the organisation.


Step 2

Complete a Workplace Assessment for an injured worker. VINCI App intuitively selects ‘Suitable Duties’ in line with medical capacity, to facilitate recovery at work.


Step 3

VINCI App automatically generates a Recover-at-Work Plan which can be signed on the spot by all stakeholders including the injured worker and nominated treating doctor.

VINCI: Key Features


VINCI Case Management Software

Industry first live utilisation dashboard which can be filtered across teams and individual consultants providing daily targets and overall performance data. This information can be linked to existing HR and Accounting software.

VINCI Case Management Software

Centralised HR system to manage staff induction, leave and sign-off on policy and procedures. With a built-in communication register to record and upload files. VINCI Task Analysis APP can instantaneously gather, collate and generate assessments and reports such as: Job Task Analysis, Recover-at-Work Plans (< 4 minutes), Workplace Assessments.


VINCI is ISO 27001 Certified

VINCI is ISO 27001 Certified. This certification will assure you that our data is being handled securely and in line with established standards. VINCI Software maintains the highest data security with servers operating in multiple zones for redundancy and uptime. Client documents are stored onshore in Sydney with active documents stored on the customer’s Office 365 SharePoint online site for live editing. These documents reside in Amazon S3 for long term storage.

VINCI Task Analysis

VINCI Task Analysis intuitively selects ‘Suitable Duties’ in line with medical capacity, to facilitate recovery at work. Recovery at work plans can be generated on the spot in a case conference and signed by all stakeholders. These plans can then be emailed immediately to all relevant parties.


The VINCI GO APP features one-touch access to key contacts, immediate document capture and navigation assistance through smartphone functionality.


Obtain legally binding signatures electronically and on the go, all securely stored within VINCI’s document management system.

VINCI Task Analysis: Stats



minutes required to complete and distribute a RTW Plan



of cases electronically coded allowing for capacity vs demands analysis

Task Analysis


generic Job Task Analysis available for instant use

VINCI Case Management Software: Points of Difference




Automatic Alerts

System alerts around file inactivity, change in work status code, periodic reporting, certificate follow-up etc.

ISO 27001 Certification

ISO – 27001: Business Management System Certification. To ensure customer requirements are met and quality is consistently improved.

Work Group Queuing

Work group queuing system to better manage and allocate tasks thus providing a quality and timely service.

Office 365

VINCI Software is 100% integrated with Microsoft Office 365 allowing users to read emails directly within VINCI Case Management Software

Security Groups

Enable specific functionality according to user profile to control data quality.

Centralised Rules

Centralised customer and business rules to better manage service standards.

Software Integrations

Integration with accounting software for complete financial reporting (MYOB & Xero), which also feeds into the utilization data.


Ability to manage compensable and non-compensable cases and track the transition of cases between business units.

Live Dashboard

Providing a snapshot of your portfolio to easily prioritise resources and address concerns prior to becoming a problem.

VINCI Case Management Software: Integration

What Our Customers Say About VINCI

  • “VINCI Software has provided for a significant improvement to our day to day operations as one of Australia’s leading Exercise Physiology providers. We now have an efficient means to update and review case data via a web-based system instantly.

    We have found the software easy to use and deploy across our growing team. VINCI are constantly looking for ways to enhance the software and welcome our feedback always. The team has always implemented changes promptly at our request to ensure the software meets our business needs.  We have developed a strong working relationship with the team and we now see them as a critical part of our business operational success.”

    Mark Stephens
    Managing Director
  • “Prestige Health Services Australia (PHSA) were introduced to the VINCI App as an innovative tool to conduct online Job Task Analysis; Workplace Assessments and Return-to-Work Plans via the use of an ipad. PHSA have incorporated the VINCI App into our everyday work practices.

    I would highly recommend the use of the VINCI App to workplace rehabilitation providers and employers (with in house injury management services) as this tool is efficient, streamlined and cost effective.”

    Noni Byron
    Managing Director
  • “VINCI App has definitely made my job easier. VINCI App is easy to use and understand from the first time I used it. It is simple to navigate and find my case information. The speed at which I can create a RTW plan with the right information means I am saving time. The support from the VINCI team has been wonderful and any time I have had a question they have been quick to respond and willing to help. VINCI App has certainly made a difference to my every day and I would recommend the system”

    Rachel Watson
    Senior Injury Management Consultant
  • Customer experience is the core driver of our business. I needed a platform partner who understood this. Vinci is that partner and bend over backwards to ensure our needs are met, ensuring our team can focus on delivering high quality services to clients. Vinci is critical in providing the foundation that allows us to drive business efficiency, manage compliance and implement best practice. Vinci embraces a fast pace innovation cycle, underpinned by the latest technology, ensuring we stay at the forefront of capability and can be reactive to ever changing client demands and industry landscape.


    In the past 12 months we have had new starters coming off every other platform in our industry and the delight of administration, consultants and managers alike cannot be hidden, when they get a platform that supports and enhances their work, not hinders it.

    James Hogg
    Managing Director
  • VINCI App is a perfect add-on for any organisation that wants to better understand via an evidence based approach how their employees perform their duties by completing a thorough job task analysis and this is where VINCI really shines.


    The task analysis module empowers health professionals and employers to create a library of job dictionaries broken right down to the individual task level with photos and even video. The evidence based approach to identifying suitable employment is like nothing that I have ever seen before


    VINCI then takes the next step and allows for any injured/ill workers to have their claims or incidents managed with the return to work plan created in conjunction with the previously created task analysis and includes the ability to incorporate duties from other job roles which meets the restrictions. All of this can be done on the spot whilst at the case conference and includes obtaining the required signatures from the worker, doctor and return to work coordinator before developing the plan instantly that can be forwarded to the supervisor and insurer


    Shane Ham
    Injury Manager
  • VINCI is by far superior to all the other case management systems I have used over the last 15 years. It is so simple to navigate and use, which means it is time and cost effective! The VINCI team obviously did their research and spoke to the right people in the industry as they have covered all the needs and requirements from data collection to data reporting and of course capturing all the requirements each case needs. The VINCI team are very knowledgeable and supportive and are very quick to respond and assist as needed. They are an absolute pleasure to deal with!

    Managing Director
  • Dear VINCI

    I have just spent the day in Sydney, and wanted to pass on some great feedback from one of our clients regarding VINCI.

    They were absolutely raving about the portal – the CMO’s words “everybody’s talking about it”. They noted they felt truly spoilt by the fact we could make (almost) any change they have requested, and were blown away by how quickly we are able to make changes for them. They love how much oversight they have of their referrals, and the fact this gives them confidence in what we are doing.

    As I have said before – ‘WE LOVE VINCI’

    Thanks Rani and team, there is nothing better than a happy customer!

    Emily Glenn
    General Manager